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PRO-PUMP Septic Saver

PRO-PUMP Septic Saver
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Product Description

PRO-PUMP/SEPTIC SAVER is a simple tool you can use, combined with regular maintenance, to protect your system from failure and ensure continued problem-free service year after year.

PRO-PUMP/SEPTIC SAVER is a combo “value” pack of our two best selling septic treatments: PRO-PUMP/HC and PRO-PUMP/SP packets, bundle packed as a monthly (12) treatment program. The kit is designed to insure a high rate of biological activity and oxidation of the waste matter within your system, as well as assure the rapid breakdown and removal of waste matter that can build up in the absorption area of drain fields. By speeding up the rate your system degrades waste matter, there is less chance of system failure.


• Water Test Tablets (To check toilets and faucet leaks).

• Septic 101 & ProPump/HC Q&A (Instructions, Questions and Answers).

• Additional tips on Maintenance & Service.

PRO-PUMP/SEPTIC SAVER is a special combination pack of environmentally safe biological products in liquid (quart bottle of our PRO-PUMP/HC) and ready to use packets (PRO-PUMP/SP). These two bio-formulations will reduce odor, and break down solids in lines and tanks. They will also assist the naturally occurring bacteria in your on-site wastewater system to break down slow to degrade waste products like tissue, grease, fats and oils that cause problems in your drain field.

PRO-PUMP/HC is a live liquid culture concentrate designed specifically for septic system use. It is non-toxic, non-pathogenic and is a safe for plants, animals and people. The use of PRO-PUMP/HC will restore essential microbial activity in your entire system following pumping.

PRO-PUMP/SP is a water soluble packet of dry spore based non-toxic, non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes. It is a designed for homeowners to use to assure continued essential biological activity all year long.

Instructions and additional information on Septic System Care are also included.

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